SANDY: Yes, is Eve Nigh there please?
EVE: Young man, I’d appreciate being addressed in the reciprocal.
SANDY: Uh, okay. Is Nigh Eve there?
EVE: She is and I am.
SANDY: Ma’am, are you aware of the recent spate of wristwatch explosions?
EVE: Why no, whatever do you mean?
SANDY: Well, Ms. Nigh, it seems the batteries have had a propensity to just detonate. It’s been especially tragic for the nearsighted. And those hourly wrist alarms going off hasn’t helped those in recovery either.
EVE: Well, it won’t affect me; I walk to the mantle to get my time. Speaking of, why are you using mine?
SANDY: You are familiar with wood watches aren’t you?
EVE: Why wood should I be?
SANDY: Well they’re the hottest thing in portable time right now.
EVE: You mean all the pine is fine?
SANDY: Well no, there’s tin within.
SANDY: However, my firm has gone past the wood to the soil, or, more exactly, to the sand. May I present myself ma’am, Sandy Storm, salesman for A Wristful. We are presently marketing a fascinating new product to those who care about the environment, and, want their time accurate to the last particle.
EVE: My gerbil’s motioning me for his finger walk on the wheel. Please get to that last practical particle now.
SANDY: Eve, this evening only we are offering at a special introductory price our latest product. It is the wrist bound hour glass time piece. It aids in desert reduction while it has that cachet of see through time. And, if one desires to go back in time one simply tilts the wrist. Great for those who desire to live in the past.
EVE: Is the sand of American origin?
SANDY: Quality controlled & hand rubbed into glasses with feet awash on fine Pacific beaches after dark.
EVE: I can attest to that. My rear view of pistoning elbows off of Santa Monica last night had me thinking. Why are these kids trying to kindle fires with those toes in the surf? Seemed contrary to me.
SANDY: Eve, this is just the beginning. We have many other granular products in store. One such which I may discretely mention is the Grit Counter. It allows those who are obsessive/compulsive to count each and every passing grit. It simply wears them out, erodes them if you will and cures them!
EVE: Sand Man, I love your idea of putting nature to work. Put me down for two. One anchored to the left and one to the right.

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