*The Best Summer Jobs….



Robb: Okay, so let’s compare the best jobs we’ve had that were never even jobs. Not just easy , but work with a perq. How ’bout you Ed?
Ed: Well, I was assigned to do traffic study while parked in a cul de sac. And I only had to count the cars which drove circularly. I did however have to slump the profile, it was a family van. My perq was freedom. After I was done they showed me the way out.
Robb: Veeery sweet spot, and you Job?
Job: Don’t let my name throw you; mine was lame with a frame. My easiest job was not even being the pin counter, but, a ball counter-10 times less labor. I nodded off as much as one could in an alley and simply counted the clunks as they kissed the pine each night. And my perq was especially pintacular. I got to slide ‘n hide my toes in rentals that never before met any spray or accommodated a family of 5.
Ed: And, Robb, what ’bout you? Sure it can’t compare with our gigs.
Robb: Well okay, here goes boys. I was assigned to lifeguard a beach that had 2 signs. One was “No Swimming” and the other said “Keep Off The Sand”- No Man’s Land. However, after public hours expired I and I alone made the most of my paradise. In fact, just to be emphatic I laid me down with half my body in the surf and the other in front straddling my sand palace. After all, a man’s briny home IS his castle.

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  1. I visited your site. You’re trying to play on words right? I kind of get the job post, but the rest I don’t get.

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